Hybrid Operating Model

Airbyte started right before the COVID-19 pandemic forced all companies to go remote. We embraced the change and invested a ton of energy to make remote work successful. We hired great talent around the world, established a strong documentation culture and supported travel whenever it was possible.

As effective as we were as a remote company, nothing replaces the joy and richness of in-person collaboration. To create more in-person interactions, Airbyte moved to a hybrid operating model.

We have physical offices where there’s a critical mass of employees, and we designate two days a week as in-office days. The remaining days are optional and the office is open and accessible. Currently, San Francisco is the only office, but as we grow, we expect to open additional offices.

We maintain our Freedom & Responsibility methodology. This means that if there are good reasons to not come into the office on the designated in-office days (e.g. child care, appointments, family emergencies), we trust you to do what’s best for you and for Airbyte.

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