Time Off
Airbyte recognizes the importance of time away from work. Therefore, we offer unlimited time off to recharge as needed.
That said, we feel it’s important to publish some expectations, as unlimited can mean anything in a lot of companies because of social pressure. Our expectation is that you will take off at least 25 days a year, which includes national holidays. This will ensure people have sufficient time off to rejuvenate, without feeling guilty about missing too much work.
It is therefore extremely important we hire individuals capable of responsibly taking the time they need to recharge, without taking so much time that work remains unfinished.

No Need for Permissions

You do not need to double check with your manager first.
We are interested in your results, not when or how long you work. Although approval for time off is not necessary, we do hold the expectation that business will get done. After all, if the entire team takes off at the same time, no one is available to respond to community issues. So please coordinate your time off with your team.
When you have selected the dates for your time off, please enter them into the “PTO & Holidays” Google Calendar. Remember to set an out of office message on your email and put your Slack notifications as off.
Note: The above rules apply to all vacation/time off, regardless of length.

When You Should Have Time Off

You Are Sick

You are not expected to work if you are sick; you will still be paid. If your absence is short term - a day or two - just take the days off.
When you do take off for illness, please let your manager know as soon as possible.
For illnesses lasting longer than a few days, please consult with us so we can develop a plan. Policies vary from country to country; some countries require us to request a doctor’s note. Please understand this in no way reflects any lack of trust on our part.

Jury Duty / Voting / Bereavements / Child Admin Disasters

Sometimes situations arise that take precedence over the job. We are understanding of these needs/requirements - just keep us informed and fit your work around the circumstances as needed.

Parental Leave

Parental leave is viewed differently than shorter-term absences, as it usually extends beyond the length of the average vacation. Regardless of gender or the means by which you become a parent (childbirth, foster care, or adoption), anyone at Airbyte has the option to take parental leave.
If you have worked at Airbyte for more than a year, you are guaranteed up to 12 weeks off at full pay. Four more weeks unpaid leave may be taken if you need more time. After 16 weeks, if you are still unable to return to work full time, you can start back at a temporary 50% capacity at 50% pay. If your country (or state) of residence provides parental leave benefits, you will be required to claim them (if eligible), and Airbyte will supplement gaps as needed.
If you have worked at Airbyte for less than one full year, we will compensate you in accordance with the legal requirements of your local jurisdiction.
Please inform your manager of your intent to take parental leave as soon as possible; except in extenuating circumstances, we prefer at least 2 months advance notice.
As parental leave laws differ from country to country, local laws will take precedence over Airbyte should there be a difference in policy. And if there is an issue, please feel free to let us know!
Last modified 7mo ago