Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO)

Airbyte provides unlimited paid time off to all employees. There is no approval process required or fixed limit on how many vacation or sick days you can take, but our expectation is you take at least 25 PTO days per year, which includes national holidays. There are no accruals, no waiting period, and no cash out. We want you to focus on being successful and schedule your work around your life.
Unlimited PTO may be used for vacation, personal time, illness/sick time (for any purposes required under any applicable state’s sick leave law), or to care for dependents. Airbyte has not established a limit on the number of days off that an employee may take in a calendar year.
If you need to be out longer than five (5) consecutive days due to your, or a family member’s, illness, please contact your manager and/or Human Resources. Unlimited PTO is not a substitute for a leave of absence. Please refer to our Personal Leave of Absence Policy for more details.
For planned PTO requests longer than two weeks, please provide at least two weeks prior notice to your immediate manager. Planned PTO requests less than two weeks, please provide one week of notice.
This policy is not intended to provide for paid leave on an unlimited or permanent basis. Except to the extent otherwise required by law, this policy does not apply to time off from work that may be covered by other policies (including, but not limited to, policies regarding Pregnancy Disability Leave, Family and Medical Leave, California Family Rights Act, etc.), or to time during which you may be eligible for benefits from disability insurance policies, government disability benefit programs, or other sources. Leaves taken under those policies are not covered by this policy and, therefore, are taken unpaid, unless the policy states or state law states/provides otherwise.

No Need for PTO Approval

You do not need to double check with your manager first.
We are interested in your results, not when or how long you work. Although approval for time off is not necessary, we do hold the expectation that business will get done. After all, if the entire team takes off at the same time, no one is available to respond to community issues. So please coordinate your time off with your team.
For planned PTO requests longer than two weeks, please provide at least two weeks prior notice to your immediate manager. Planned PTO requests less than two weeks, please provide one week of notice.
If based outside the US: We ask that you submit all PTO requests via Deel. These requests will be automatically approved by People Ops so please be sure to give your manager and team advanced notice of your scheduled time off.

Leave of Absence

Parental Leave

Parental leave is viewed differently than shorter-term absences, as it usually extends beyond the length of the average vacation. Regardless of gender or the means by which you become a parent (childbirth, foster care, or adoption), anyone at Airbyte has the option to take parental leave.
Regardless how long you have worked at Airbyte, you are guaranteed up to 16 weeks off at full pay. If you are eligible for state benefits, we will support you in the application process and Airbyte will top off the difference.
Please inform your manager of your intent to take parental leave as soon as possible; except in extenuating circumstances, we prefer at least 2 months advance notice. Upon request, it may be possible to accommodate incremental leave, in minimum one-week blocks, over the span of 12 months.
As parental leave laws differ from country to country, local laws will take precedence over Airbyte should there be a difference in policy. And if there is an issue, please feel free to let us know!

Personal Leave of Absence

Airbyte recognizes that you may need time off from work in special circumstances that other leave policies may not address. In such cases, you may request a personal leave of absence.
Please note Airbyte offers Unlimited PTO for paid time off not taken due to an illness, hardship, need to care for family members, or other special circumstances. In other words, if you’re simply taking a vacation from work, please refer to our Unlimited PTO guidelines.
All Airbyte team members are eligible to apply for an unpaid personal leave of absence.
Requests for unpaid personal leave exceeding 5 consecutive business days must be submitted to your manager and People Ops ([email protected]) in writing at least 10 days in advance where practical. In emergency situations, written notice must be provided as soon as possible. The request should include the reason for the leave as well as the dates you expect to begin and end the leave.
Airbyte will determine the duration and coverage of benefits on a case-by-case basis. If an extended personal leave of absence is taken, the team member may be responsible for the cost of coverage.
You are required to return from unpaid personal leave on the originally scheduled return date. If you are unable to return, you must request an extension of the leave in writing at least 10 days in advance of the return date. Leave extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If Airbyte denies the extension request, you must return to work on the originally scheduled return date or be considered to have voluntarily resigned from your employment.
In advance of your scheduled return date, your manager and People Ops will arrange for you to resume your previous position, if available. However, Airbyte’s need to fill a position may override the ability to hold a position open until your return.
Therefore, we cannot assure our ability to reinstate you to any position after your leave. Airbyte retains the discretion to determine the similarity of any available positions and your qualifications. If we are unable to reinstate you or you refuse the offer of reinstatement to a different position, your leave status will be changed to a voluntary termination.
If you fail to return to work after an unpaid leave of absence, you will be considered to have resigned your employment.
While on an unpaid leave of absence, you may not work or be gainfully employed either for yourself or others unless express, written permission to perform such outside work has been granted by Airbyte. If you are on a leave of absence and are found to be working elsewhere without permission, you will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.