Doing a great job at welcoming a new member is of the utmost importance for a remote company.
We aim to provide an equitable onboarding experience regardless your role or location.

After You Accepted Our Offer

We’re pumped and honored to have you on board!
Here are a few tasks we will do:
  • Do a little happy dance to celebrate you joining
  • Send you a welcome email to help you prepare for your new adventure
  • Invite you to our onboarding tool, Sapling. Please activate your account and fill out your profile shortly after receiving your invitation since we use this info to set up many other tools you'll need access to.
  • Send you your Airbyte laptop by your first day (Airbyte will purchase this on your behalf)
  • Send you some Airbyte swag - who doesn't need some cool Airbyte socks?
  • You will also be able to purchase any other hardware (keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc.) before your start date and will be reimbursed with your first paycheck or on Day 1 per request

The Week(s) Before You Join

While you're getting excited for your first day at Airbyte we''ll be working hard to make sure you're all set up on our end!
  • If you’re based in the US, you will receive an email from Melita Group (our HRO) with detailed instructions on registering for Payroll and enrolling in benefits via ADP Workforce Now before your first day.
  • If you're based outside of the US, we will send you an agreement via Deel, which will be used to set up your agreements and process your payments. Deel will ask you for all your compliance documents.
No matter where you're located we will:
  • Send you an email with details on what to expect during your first couple of weeks at Airbyte
  • Introduce your buddy who will help you through your first few months at Airbyte

A Business Day Before You Join

We will:
  • Grant you access to your @airbyte email ([email protected] unless it's already taken in which case we'll add your last name)
  • Invite you to various tools & resources via your @airbyte email address
  • Send you calendar invites for your onboarding meetings

On Your First Day

You'll start working through Airbyte Onboarding Bootcamp! Bootcamp is a combination of live & recorded sessions and onboarding action items that will help you learn about the company and prepare you to dive into your new role.
In addition to meeting with People Ops & other new folks joining the same day as you, you'll also set up your accounts, meet with your manager & buddy and start working through other onboarding tasks.
Here's the list of tools we would like to ensure you are set up with. You will have invites in your email for many of these - if not, signing up with your email will enable access.

Onboarding Platform (all teams)

  • Sapling - Your home base for onboarding tasks. You'll receive a Slack message each time there's a new task to complete, but you can also login to the platform to track your progress and see what other upcoming tasks you have. Sapling is also a great place to check out the company directory as you're getting up to speed.

US Employee Platforms

  • ADP Workforce Now - Platform for payroll and HR administration
  • Guideline - 401K Management

Non-US Platform

  • Deel - Platform for payroll and reimbursement requests.
Communications Tools (all teams)
  • GSuite - Email, Calendar, Google Drive, Groups
  • Slack - Rapid communication (internal and external)
  • Zoom - Video conferencing
  • LastPass - Password manager
  • Pingboard - Team directory & Org chart

Your First Weeks

Here's a few things you can expect to do during your first few weeks:
  • Have your first 1:1 meeting with your manager
  • Meet with co-founders Michel and John to discuss Airbyte's vision, culture, and values
  • Attend buddy sessions to help get you acclimated
  • Complete your first project with defined deliverables
  • Complete your 2-week general onboarding bootcamp to learn about all of the different teams at Airbyte
  • Join weekly donut chats to start meeting your team in a casual social context
  • Give us lots of feedback! We're always looking for ways to improve onboarding bootcamp for future onboarding groups!
During your first two weeks, we encourage new team members to:
  • Attend all company-wide meetings, e.g. founders office hours, and participate in any & all social (virtual) events!
  • Book any extra session(s) with any team member(s) to discuss any topic!
  • Become very familiar with our methodology and core values!
  • Explore Notion, our internal knowledge base!

Airbyte Buddy

We know that starting a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming. To make things a little easier for you during your first few weeks, we have implemented a buddy system. Your buddy will help with any questions you may have and will help you get acquainted with everyone and everything during your first few weeks at Airbyte.
Everyone at Airbyte is happy to help you, of course, but we’ve found it useful for new employees to have one specific go-to person. We will try to pair people in similar time zones, whenever possible, to make it easier to communicate with each other in real time. Ideally, you and your buddy will catch up at least once a week your first few weeks—not only about work, but other topics of shared interest that will help develop a stronger rapport. Don’t hesitate to schedule daily syncs with your buddy.

Engineering Onboarding

In addition to everything mentioned above, Engineers joining Airbyte can expect the following:
Engineering-Specific Processes
  • Be added as a team member to GitHub organization
  • Set up airbyte_role as airbyters, so your tests on Airbyte don’t impact our metrics
  • Follow our onboarding trail
Onboarding Project
New engineers will complete a 1-2-hour onboarding project with their buddy. For instance, it could be:
  • Go over documentation
  • High-level view
  • Project components
  • Protocol
  • Integrations
Engineering-Specific Tools
  • Whimsical - Collaborative whiteboarding
  • Loom - Video tutorials (<5 min)
  • Figma - Design, mockups
  • AWS