We strive for a fair and effective compensation strategy. This implies several things:
  1. 1.
    We believe your compensation should be based on your experience, abilities, and the impact you have on Airbyte.
  2. 2.
    All employees should have some equity in the company. If you contribute to its success, you should also benefit from it.
  3. 3.
    Compensation will be adjusted based on your location. If you relocate to a more expensive area, your compensation should also be readjusted immediately. If you move to a location where cost of life and salaries are lower, your compensation will also be adjusted after some time.
We are adjusting our competitive rates based on location because if we were to pay the same wage across all regions, this would lead to:
  • a concentration of team members in low-cost regions, while we want the team to be spread across the world,
  • team members staying in the company for the wrong reasons with golden handcuffs, and/or
  • unfairness perceived by team members living in high-cost regions.
That's why we believe and follow a fair and effective compensation strategy.

Equity through Stock Options

As part of your compensation, you will receive share options in the company with a standard 1-year cliff, and a total vesting period of 4 years with a monthly vesting schedule. Broadly, the amount of options will depend on your role and experience.
Here are the terms of the options:
  • We may need some time after you start to get your option grant on paper (we submit requests to our legal team in monthly batches), but your options begin to vest on your official start date (no probation period required), with a 1-year cliff. Once papered, your vesting start date will match your official start date.
  • US employees will be able to request early exercise of their stock options. Unfortunately, this may be significantly more complex for non-US team members, and we cannot guarantee this option to members outside the US at this time.
  • For all team members who don't opt for the early exercise, you have up to 3 months after leaving Airbyte to exercise your options.
It may take some time for your options to be approved - it involves a company 409a valuation and a board meeting - but your vesting begins from the moment you join Airbyte, so you don’t have to worry about when it will take effect.


​If you plan to relocate permanently, your salary will be adjusted (up or down) to reflect the cost of living in your new location.
If this adjustment represents an increase in pay, we will need to approve the change in advance; we cannot always guarantee that our budget will allow the pay increase.


​If you intend to spend more than 8 months from your home base, we will adjust your pay according to your location at the end of the 8 months.
If you have many destinations planned over a period of more than 8 months, we will factor in the location of the various places you plan to stay, averaged by the amount of time spent.
If you are uncertain about where you'll be traveling and you will be traveling for over 8 months, then your pay will remain the same throughout the 8 months. At the end of the 8 months, we will manually adjust your next pay amount based on the average of the 8 months you travelled. This will take place every 8 months until you have completed your travels.
If this adjustment to your income would require us to reclaim more than your entire pay amount (for example, if you moved from one of the most expensive areas in the world to one of the least expensive areas), we would work with you on how quickly the amount is reclaimed.
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