Here is the list of benefits we provide:
  • Fully remote flexible work environment - we don’t look at when you log in, log out or how much time you work. We look at your output and we trust you; it’s the only way remote can actually work.
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) Philosophy - we need you at your best at all times. Our expected minimum time off ensures you recharge regularly.
  • Co-working space - most of our team enjoyed the WFH life but if you prefer to work from a co-working space, we will cover the full monthly cost.
  • Parental leave (for both parents) - so you have time to adjust to the new life (and work) schedule introduced by your new bundle of joy.
  • Travel - we are a fully distributed, 100% remote-first team, however, we recognize the value of in-person time. We will pay for round-trip flights, hotel, transportation, and food on weekdays for you to visit our headquarters in San Francisco, or other members of your team around the world.
  • Open book policy - we will pay for books you purchase for your professional and career development.
  • Continuous learning/training policy - we sponsor you for the conferences and training programs you feel would add to your development in the company.
  • Competitive benefits package for US-based employees, including:
    • Blue Shield or Kaiser Medical Insurance
      • Airbyte covers 100% of the base plan for both employees and dependents
    • Guardian Dental & Vision Insurance
      • Airbyte covers 100% for both employees and dependents
    • Guardian Life and AD&D Insurance
      • Airbyte covers 100% for employees
      • Employees can opt to get additional life insurance coverage
    • Guardian Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance
      • Airbyte covers 100% for employees
    • Guardian EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
    • Navia FSA
  • Healthcare insurance allowance for those outside the US whose countries do not provide it for free.
  • Mental Health Support for all team members provided via Spill.
  • Guideline 401k for US-based employees.
  • Work Visas We currently sponsor all non-lottery-based U.S. work visas. All other Visa requests will be discussed on a case by case basis to determine if we can sponsor.
Thinking about working with Airbyte? Let us know what we can do to improve our employee experience!