Face-to-face time enables us to create relationships more easily and build trust. This improves our asynchronous communication as we become more comfortable interacting with each other, so we aim to be intentional in planning events regularly. This document outlines the different types of travel that we support and encourage. Just remember that every time you travel on Airbyte’s dime and time, we expect you to fully embody freedom & responsibility. Make every decision and spend every Airbyte dollar as if it were your own. Travel requires a lot of time, effort, and money, so we outlined some guidelines for in-person events below.

Company Retreats

Team Offsites

Travel With Purpose

Are there any expectations in terms of traveling frequency?

There are. You will have several opportunities to meet with your team face to face every year, and we expect that you try your best to attend at least 1 event.

We understand some people might have visa constraints, so we will make sure to consider those for retreats and offsites to provide everyone an opportunity to attend an in-person event at least once per year.

Questions to ask yourself before planning TWP

  1. Is this trip in Airbyte’s best interest?
  2. What additional value will I add to Airbyte by traveling/working with colleagues in person vs. remote?
  3. Where is most of the group located, and can we meet near that location to save planning resources? If the group is dispersed, what is the most reasonable place to meet?
  4. Who should attend to achieve the core purpose and goals of the trip?

Questions you may ask yourself before traveling for Airbyte (in general)

Is this purchase the best use of company money? How much should I spend on my flight? You deserve a comfortable journey so you should book a flight that gets you to your destinations in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable time of day. Airbyte will obviously not cover costs for First Class upgrades. Regarding Business, we will leave it to our Freedom and Responsibility company belief: is it the best way to spend company money? We encourage you to book your flight at least 2 weeks in advance. It is all of your good decisions in these scenarios that allowed us to create a freedom & responsibility policy in the first place, and will allow us to maintain it in the long run.


An effective trip will take time to plan everything – from coordinating schedules to booking flights, hotel and work spaces – so we recommend you start the planning 1-2 months in advance and have everything booked and finalized at least 2 weeks before your trip begins to avoid last-minute planning challenges.

If you plan to take a TWP trip to our San Francisco hub, please give the People Team a heads up so they can ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable visit and access to the office.

Tourist Visas

Airbyte will cover the costs associated with obtaining a tourist visa. The People Team will provide an employer letter upon request and connect you with our immigration lawyers if you need assistance. Please email requests to [email protected]. We strongly encourage you to get your visa approved in advance and before making travel arrangements.

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