<aside> 💡 Airbyte’s operational principles that guide day-to-day actions and bring our values to life.


Freedom & Responsibility

Freedom & Responsibility are separate concepts, paired together to encourage creativity and ingenuity in the spirit of what is best for Airbyte.

With Freedom, we believe strongly in autonomy and empowering our team. Every person can and should digest context, seek opinions, and ultimately make their own decisions. Do what’s best for yourself, the company, and our users.

With Responsibility, we believe strongly in self-discipline and critical thinking. We constantly ask ourselves: Is this what’s best for Airbyte? When answering that question, be thoughtful, gather feedback, freely make decisions, and then take accountability for your actions, whether they are good or bad.

With Freedom & Responsibility, we encourage everyone to make your own decisions, but remember that you are ultimately responsible for the result.

In practice:

There are a few exceptions to Freedom & Responsibility:

Freedom & Responsibility

Operate with Context

To maximize individual impact, it’s essential for everyone to possess a complete understanding of the context. At Airbyte, we’ve purposefully structured our processes to be asynchronous, allowing us to disseminate context to our distributed team and create opportunities for everyone to contribute, provide feedback and share opinions.

In practice:

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