Working Remotely

The Airbyte team is 100% remote, with presence in 25 US states and 11 countries, and growing! We have headquarters in San Francisco, but we will always remain remote friendly.


All Airbyters are eligible to work remotely.


All Airbyters are provided with a company laptop. Please reach out to IT in the #helpdesk Slack channel for IT support and/or laptop issues. For more information on other home office equipment, please see here.


Airbyters may not use external or removable media to store information and should avoid printing documents whenever possible. Airbyters should lock their laptop screens when not at their computers – whether at home or in public work locations or common areas.
Airbyte’s security policies are available to every employee in the company drive, and any security-related questions or concerns should be directed to [email protected]

Team Meetings

Face-to-face interactions enable us to create relationships more easily and build trust - please have cameras on for team meetings. Take meetings from a quiet & distraction-free area and remain on mute when you’re not talking in large group meetings.

Working Hours and Availability

We have a global team in 11 countries and growing, which means we are located in many different time zones. Please have your calendars up to date with your working hours, PTO, and unavailable blocks (lunch, personal commitments, etc.).

Working Away From Home

If you plan to work away from your home base, please ensure you’ll have a setup that will allow you to continue to do your best work. Our Freedom & Responsibility philosophy allows you to work remotely and remember to let your team know if they will be impacted by your location/hours. Notify the People Ops team if you are changing your permanent address, or intend to work from a state or country outside the one you were hired in for more than one month.

Special Accommodations

Please reach out to People Ops or your manager if you need any special accommodations.