Airbyte takes pride in being a transparent organization - our focus is on creating the best value for our customers and making careful decisions on investments to continue to scale the organization and fulfill our mission of commoditizing data integration. At the same time, your health, happiness, and productivity are important to us. Therefore, our philosophy is Freedom & Responsibility. We trust you, just do what's best for the company. Still not sure what that means? Just think how much would you spend if it were your money?

If you see the need for any business expenses except for software, go ahead and incur it with your personal credit cards and we’ll reimburse you for the expenses via Brex. For non-US Airbyters, please submit your reimbursement requests via Deel for all purchases.

If the expense requires signing an agreement, please follow the procurement process in the Finance Notion doc.

Saving Receipts

As with any business transaction, you must keep and submit copies of all receipts. If you make a business-related purchase on your personal credit card, you cannot expect a reimbursement without a receipt.

Making Larger Purchases

The policy below defines equipment you may need to purchase for your work at Airbyte. These specific items do not require permissions to purchase as long as you attach receipts in your reimbursement requests. If you would like to purchase items that are not listed below, please reach out to the Finance Team to discuss.


As a hybrid company, Airbyte realizes the necessity of an appropriate and comfortable home workspace. To ensure this is available to you, Airbyte will provide your office equipment.

Monitor: We recommend a monitor that supports 4K, which provides higher resolution than standard HD and fits more content on-screen.

How much should I spend? We expect a quality monitor will cost between $300 and $500.

**Keyboard, Mouse, and Laptop Stand:**We recommend you purchase a mouse, keyboard, and laptop stand.

How much should I spend? A good quality keyboard and mouse set will cost between $300 and $500.

Mouse and keyboard: We recommend sticking with Apple products, as this reduces compatibility issues.

Laptop stand: We recommend Nextstand. They offer portable stands at a great value.

Chairs and Desks: We find that most workers already have a home office desk and chair. If you do not, please make a suggestion.

How much should I spend? We ask you to use your best judgment and know we are committed to helping you create a comfortable home office where you can work effectively and feel comfortable.

Headphones: We recommend noise canceling headphones.

How much should I spend? A good set of noise canceling headphones should cost less than $300 but we can be flexible if you have a particular set in mind that may cost more.


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