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We are the CEOs of our projects.

We embrace our roles as project leaders, taking the initiative, owning our actions and being accountable for the outcomes. We are entrusted to exercise freedom and responsibility when pursuing our goals and making decisions in the best interest of Airbyte.


We win as a team.

We surround ourselves with those that strive to be great. We achieve collective success through open communication, honest feedback, and tight alignment on our shared goals. By caring for one another, respecting each others’ views and acting with humility, we execute as one unified team.


We build leverage.

We create leverage through scalable solutions. We automate repetitive tasks to optimize our time and minimize room for human error. We craft high-quality artifacts that continually deliver value to both our internal team and our community.


We are powered by our users.

We are built by users, for users. Everything we do is shaped and driven by our user community. We seek to understand their needs and build trust through transparent roadmaps and in-depth explanations of our decisions. We have an unwavering commitment to providing world-class support and delivering an unparalleled user experience.

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