Before joining Airbyte, we want you to be as prepared as possible for what to expect. Startups aren’t for everyone, so it’s important that we share who we are, how we work, and what we’re striving for (reference: Airbyte's public handbook).

We talk a lot about how…

  1. Airbyte’s culture is heavily influenced by our values & methodologies. Our values are core beliefs that define our culture and identity, and our methodologies are operational principles that guide day-to-day actions and bring our values to life.
  2. Airbyte is a fast paced and nimble startup. We are a team of entrepreneurs who learn quickly, fail fast, and execute change. We have a bias for action, value autonomous work and asynchronous collaboration and operate with freedom and responsibility.


Every new Aibyter goes through a two-week onboarding bootcamp that includes a combination of live and recorded sessions. Upon completion of bootcamp, Airbyters have a high level overview of our mission, vision and strategy, an introduction to each department and what they do, and an understanding of how we collaborate as a team.

During this time, you will spend time developing a relationship with your manager, as well as receive peer support through our buddy system. You will also be assigned a project to complete in your first week to kickstart the impact and value you add to our team. Expect to meet with your manager and buddy often, asking questions and leaning on them to learn the ropes. In your downtime, get to know your teammates, both on your team and cross-functionally and meet random Airbyters through our #chat-conversations-without-borders Slack channel.

30 Day Check-In

By the end of the first month, expect to have a check-in with your manager on how your onboarding is going so far. Do you feel integrated into the team? Are you clear on what’s expected of you in your role? Do you feel ready to take ownership of your projects? This is the perfect opportunity to make sure you and your manager are aligned, ask questions and clear up any areas of confusion, and set short-term goals to complete your onboarding.

90 Day Feedback

By the end of three months, our hope is you feel fully onboarded and settled into your role, but we shouldn’t just hope. We want to know for sure that you are on track, so we launch a 90-day feedback cycle using CultureAmp. This cycle prompts you to complete a self-reflection where you provide feedback on your Airbyte experience thus far, and your manager does the same.

We use the following scale to gauge how everything is going:

Performance & Development

You’re onboarded and ready to take off!

From this point on, you will have regular 1:1s with your manager to discuss wins and challenges and share continuous feedback with one another. To complement these 1:1s, you will participate in Performance and Development cycles, alternating each quarter.

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